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DJ/EMCEE Services


We love to serve our clients with the highest quality sound equipment in the area. We try to keep all of our music Family Friendly as weddings are most often a family oriented engagement. We can provide music for the ceremony and reception with the upmost professionalism. Our desire is to serve you in every way we can, from providing music, to getting you a bottle of water. No task is too big or small for us. We provide all the music for your ceremony as well as a lapel mic for your officiant, and a handheld mic for your vows. The handheld mic is also used in your reception for Emcee duties, which we do, speeches, announcements, ect. Our goal is to provide you with a fun filled stress free evening! Its our job to keep the timeline on schedule, and resolve any issues that may arise. 


For Parties, its our desire to keep a packed dance floor while catering to all groups at the party. We do try to keep all music family friendly or edited, but if requested by our client, original unedited versions are available. Our goal is to give you the party atmosphere you desire. 




Lighting can make all the difference in the atmosphere of a room. Uplighting creates pillars of light around the room to accent certain areas, or help create an elegant mood. Our uplighting system can create 16 million colors; so we can match whatever wedding colors you have. The system can be static or dynamic (synced to the music) for a vibrant and fun evening. We have the ability to change in between static and dynamic throughout the night based on the needs. We run advanced lighting systems often and take pride in giving the best lighting enhancement possible.

Ballroom Uplighting


Signature Spotlight Package

Lights, Music, First Dance! Make your first dance extra special with the Signature Spotlight system. We use advanced lighting to wash the room in a color of your choice, and we spotlight you in a brilliant white as you dance around the room with your spouse! We utilize a computerized lighting system in opposing corners of the room to give you 360* coverage. We also use this system for any other spotlight dances you are having. This system is also used later in the night for dance lighting during the reception.  Be sure to ask about the signature spotlight package to add it to your reception.

Be the center of attention on your First Dance

Digital Monogram

Put your name in lights in a Custom Digital Monogram. We offer customized static and motion monograms. This monogram can be projected onto the middle of the dance floor, or on a wall. Check out the Designs at HERE. With over 200 Designs to choose from, our digital monograms are custom designed specifically for your event.

We can put your name in lights on any Floor or Wall


Sing your heart out with Karaoke Offered by M&M Productions! With a 32 inch TV monitor, and 4 mics, you and your friends can have a grand time singing along to all your favorite tunes. Prices vary for Karaoke depending on what all you are wanting. Add this on to your wedding reception for only $100 more. Prices vary from $100-$500 



Interactive, Touch-Screen Mirror Photo Booth

Magic Mirror Photobooth

Bring fun and laughter to every event with this New Generation, Interactive, Fully Customizable, and Touch Screen Photo Booth. The Magic Mirror takes photo booth fun to a whole new level! The full-length mirror offers a sleek design and a user friendly interface. As your guests walk up to the mirror, colorful animations and a voice guidance invites them to engage in a magical, interactive, “selfie” experience presenting a photo keepsake! With many different customizable features, you will light up any room for any event. Check out all of our Photobooth Frames HERE.

THE LUX Mirror Photobooth

Smile and say cheese with The Lux Mirror Photobooth. This sleek all glass Mirror Photo Booth towers above the rest! Your guests will be talking about how much fun your wedding is! With our on site printer, photos are ready as soon as guests finish taking the picture! The Lux Mirror Booth also allows guests to text their photos to their phone with a thank you message as well! Both the Magic Mirror and The Lux Mirror Booths offer unlimited photos, unlimited prints, unlimited text to your guests, a custom photo frame of your choice, and at the end of the night, you will receive a digital copy of all the photos taken! The Lux and The Magic Mirror are a blast!

The Mirror X ready to use at an event, just Touch here to start, Are you red carpet ready

Spin 360 Experience

The Spin 360 Experience provides something your typical photo booth cannot, VIDEOS! Step up on the large platform get your dance on as the 360 booth revolves around you. Our Platform can hold 4-5 people providing more fun to be had. We provide Instant video sharing, professional lighting, multiple video options to choose from, music in the videos, a red carpet walk up, and instant social media sharing. The best part is there is nothing you need to worry about. We always have an attendant that handles setup, tear down, and makes sure the videos turn out just right. We only need a 10×10 space. And we don’t even need electricity. We also provide a pipe and white drape enclosure to provide the perfect background, and The Spin 360 Experience can be setup inside our outside, so it is great wherever you want to get your dance on!

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